Vacuum Gauges

Airserco Vacuum Gauges have been staples on American production lines for decades, whether digital or analog.

8900VG Digital Vacuum Gauge

The Airserco 8900VG digital vacuum gauge offers precision measurement of vacuum level from 0-2000 microns.

8990-SM Analog High Vacuum Gauge

The Airserco 8990-SM analog high vacuum gauge displays vacuum level from 0 Torr to atmospheric pressure, with 0.1 Torr gradients from 0-20 Torr.

9044-SM Analog High Vacuum Gauge

The Airserco 9044-SM Analog High Vacuum Gauge displays vacuum level from 0-1000 microns for high vacuum applications that require a precise analog measurement at deeper vacuum levels.

Thermal Engineering 14571 Super Vak Check

The 14571 vacuum gauge is designed for service technicians operating in the field, designed especially for refrigeration and air-conditioning service.