5054 Complete Refrigerant Cylinder Heater Assembly


For 1/2 Ton Cylinder Tank: Heating Element + Temperature Sensing Manifold & Control

Everything you need to maintain pressure as your tank empties. Designed to fit and maintain temperature (hence, pressure) for a standard 1/2 ton cylinder Tank. Includes rubberized, pad-style heating element with velcro straps, brass/copper pressure sensing manifold, & electric temperature control. Both Element & Manifold/Control include electrical cord & USA-standard 3-prong plug.

The Airserco 5054M Refrigerant Cylinder Heater Assembly is designed as an easy-to-use, affordable way to maintain sufficient and stable pressure in your 1000lb / 1/2 ton refrigerant tank. It operates on 115v, 60hz single-phase power. The complete assembly consists of:

  • Control manifold with 3/4″ connection to tank, 1/4″ male flare output, pressure gauge, moisture indicator and pressure switch
  • Flexible 1200 watt silicone rubber wraparound cylinder heater
  • Durable quilted insulating cover

The 5054M manifold senses pressure in the tank and, when pressure drops, sends a signal to the cylinder heater element to turn on, increasing the temperature and pressure back to its set-point. All components also available individually.


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