4036 LiquiVac Sealant (4oz) – Precision Evacuation Sealing Solution

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Specifically designed for evacuating refrigerant lines and ensuring a seal on vacuum pumps during the evacuation process, LiquiVac creates a dependable vacuum seal, enhancing the efficiency and ease of your evacuation tasks. Being exclusively manufactured and distributed by Airserco, this sealant stands as a trusted choice in the industry. Its formulation sets up quickly but remains flexible for easy removal after use, making clean up simple and quick.

LiquiVac is the only liquid sealant with the capacity of sealing high vacuum connections. It will positively seal high vacuum leaks around threads, through flared connections, face joints, wherever metal joins metal. It sets up quickly, but remains flexible for easy disconnection. Resistant to most solvents, LiquiVac can seal to 1 micron, and withstands a wide temperature range from -100°F to +325°F, making it a robust and enduring sealant solution for a variety of industrial applications.

1 review for 4036 LiquiVac Sealant (4oz) – Precision Evacuation Sealing Solution

  1. Charles D (verified owner)

    Airserco shipped our order fast and the packaging was perfect to ensure the cans of sealant did not get damaged. Will order again for sure.

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