End of Line Testing

Airserco and its partners are proud to offer top-tier, fully-customizable safety and function test equipment.  Our products are based upon a few modular systems that can be integrated and customized to provide as much or as little automatic functionality as required.  A few popular systems include:

  • hi-pot / insulation and ground connectivity tests
  • flow and thermal transfer tests (e.g. for heat exchangers)
  • compressor tests
  • automatic determination of heat loss coefficient
  • full finished product function and performance testing
  • energy efficiency class testing
  • service life testing
  • suction and compression testing
  • thermostat operation
  • valve functionality

 These systems and functions may be combined or separated as required for your specific application.  Due to the number of possible configurations, please contact us to discuss your production process and testing needs, and we will work with you to create a world-class safety and function test system!

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