APC-2 Automatic Evacuation Process Controller

Airserco Manufacturing Company

Product Description

Now utilizing Windows 7 Embedded for better platform stability and printer function, the Airserco APC-2 is a compact, easy-to-use, touchscreen solution for automating vacuum and decay tests. It allows parameters such as evacuation time, minimum/maximum vacuum set points (in microns), and decay time to match test requirements of the appliance being tested. It can export test information and even print using a thermal type printer, for those pursuing ISO or other quality management systems. The APC-2 includes an active Pirani sensor / transducer (APC-2-01) as well as 120v solenoid valve (required for operation) and operates on 115 volt, 60hz single-phase power.

  • Saves time by automating the dehydration process
  • No operator intervention required
  • Ensures consistent testing of appliances
  • Works with existing vacuum pump, manifold, and piping
  • New touchscreen design


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