Automatic Refrigerant Charging & Evacuation Equipment

Airserco has pioneered the development of refrigerant processing equipment that is accurate, dependable, and cost-effective. Airserco equipment is compatible with virtually all refrigerants of today and tomorrow. With more than 80 years of history, Airserco offers a wide range of equipment to meet your needs.

Evacuation Stations that:
• Automatically dehydrate and degas multiple cooling units via high vacuum pump
• Automatically test to your specifications for adequate dehydration and system integrity
• Offer a wide choice of pump styles and sizes designed for your needs

Charging Stations that:
• Accurately dispense virtually any refrigerant with high repeatability
• Offer a wide range of options to fit your specific processing needs
• Allow easy conversion to use with new refrigerants as they become available

Combination Evacuation/Charging Stations that:
• Automatically dehydrate and degas cooling units via high vacuum pump
• Automatically test to your specifications for adequate dehydration and system integrity
• Accurately dispense refrigerant quickly with high repeatability
• Offer multiple options to fit your unique requirements

All Airserco processing systems are configured specifically to fit your requirements. They are easy to use, so extensive operator training is not required. With computer controlled logic systems, Airserco Combination Stations are reliable and trouble-free. Moreover, all parts that can wear are easily serviceable and supported by Airserco parts inventory. Airserco offers a wide range of optional accessories to meet your production requirements. From oil clarifiers to provide longer vacuum pump oil life, to coupling yokes and fittings to speed evacuation time, Airserco has the products, the experience, and the flexibility to assist you in meeting your production goals.

iRockall HC Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Charging Station

iRockall HC is a combination evacuation and charging station for HCFC, HFC, HC and HFO refrigerants. It is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, while providing top performance and charging accuracy.

iRockall Refrigerant Charging Station

The iRockall is the pinnacle of production line efficiency. It is a complete evacuation and refrigerant charging system boasting charge accuracy of 1% or better, state of the art features, and first-rate construction.

iTeide Automatic Refrigerant Charging Station

Airserco is proud to offer the iTeide Refrigerant Charging system, designed especially for production line use. Next in line after the iRockall & iRockall HC series, it is suitable for use with virtually any non-flammable refrigerant.

APC-2 Automatic Evacuation Process Controller

Now utilizing Windows 7 Embedded for better platform stability and printer function, the Airserco APC-2 is a compact, easy-to-use, touchscreen solution for automating vacuum and decay tests.

4042 Pump Cart Evacuation Systems

The Airserco 4042 series pump cart evacuation systems offer simultaneous evacuation of up to 4 or 6 lines at once, significantly improving production line throughput compared to other methods.