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Oxyhydrogen Brazing Stations

Airserco is proud to distribute Oweld Oxyhydrogen Gas Generators & Accessories. Since 1981 Oweld has been committed to the strictest quality standards through rigorous product testing, process controls, and constant monitoring of every phase of production.

Oweld offers a complete range of water gas generators and accessories, proudly manufactured in Italy, with a well established reputation for durability and reliability. Oweld’s products are developed in their own R&D facilities, to bring you the very latest solutions and technology in brazing machines.

Service and spare parts are available from Wisconsin and New York.

20000HD Gas Generator

The Oweld 20000HD Gas Generator works through the process of electrolysis, using only water and electricity. The gas (hydrogen and oxygen) generated produces a neutral flame, which develops a temperature of about 3650° C and can weld, braze, or solder all non-ferrous materials.

30000HD Gas Generator

The Oweld 30000HD Gas Generator works via the same process as the 20000HD, but offers greater gas production for larger scale applications. The Oweld 30000HD can produce 7,500 liters per hour of gas compared to the 5,000 liters per hour of the 20000HD.

See the system in action brazing 1/2″ copper pipes:

Gas Generator Accessories

Oxyweld accessories below are for use with the 20000HD or 30000HD Oweld Gas Generators. These optional accessories improve the safety and efficiency of your gas generator.

All accessories are stand mountable. Pictured right is a sample complete stand brazing station including the electronic ignitor, flashback arrestor and a pressure regulator.

Please use the Request a Quote form at the bottom of the page and briefly explain your intended application, and we would be glad to help offer advice and pricing information for an appropriate generator and accessory configuration.

OSMI50 (Osmosis Demineralizer)

 The OSMI50 is a device capable of producing demineralized water directly from tap water. It is completely automatic and requires only the pressure of water provided by a normal tap. The OSMI50 is used when you have one or more Oweld gas generators working many hours a day – save time by not needing to refill the tank!


  • Dimensions (cm): 35x60x35
  • Weight (kg): 8
  • Pressure Working Range (bar): 3-7
  • Max Water Temp (Celsius): 40°

Electronic Pressure Regulator

 The Electronic Pressure Regulator (EPR) is an electronic device used to connect two or more torches to a single Oweld gas generator. It is at the gas generator, followed by an optional start-up unit/economizer, the electronic flashback arrestor, and finally your torch.


  • Dimensions (cm): 30x12x30
  • Variable Pressure Range (bar): 0-0.7
  • Length of Power Cable (meters): 3
  • Weight (kg): 10

Start-up Unit / Economizer

 The Start-up Unit is an electronic lighter and economizer. This device allows you to easily restart without the timely process of readjusting valves, allowing you to efficiently start and stop the brazing process. It is particularly useful in mass production and in any applications where frequent switching on and off of the torch is required. Being able to easily start and stop results in gas savings, reduced risk of backfires, and makes for a tidier workstation. It is installed between the gas generator and torch.


  • Dimensions (cm): 22x18x50
  • Variable Pressure Range (bar): 0-0.7
  • Length of Power Cable (meters): 3
  • Weight (kg): 6

    Flashback Arrestor Unit

    The Flashback Arrestor Unit (FA) is an electronic safety device that automatically shuts off gas flow in the event of a flash-back. It should always be used, with one FA Unit installed per each torch.


    • Dimensions (cm): 17x12x18
    • Variable Pressure Range (bar): 0-0.7
    • Length of Power Cable (meters): 3
    • Weight (kg): 3.5

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