iTeide Automatic Refrigerant Charging Station

Airserco Manufacturing Company

Product Description

Airserco is proud to offer the iTeide Refrigerant Charging system, designed especially for production line use. Next in line after the Accu-Charge AC-11 and AC-21 series, it is suitable for use with virtually any non-flammable refrigerant.  The System’s low maintenance design combined with fast and accurate charging make the iTeide the best value available from a company with more than 80 years of experience in building affordable refrigerant processing equipment. The iTeide uses either a heated refrigerant tank or refrigerant transfer pump to maintain a consistent flow of liquid refrigerant and precisely measures its volume as it flows through. The measurement is converted by the iTeide’s computer to dispense refrigerant in the user’s choice of ounces, pounds, or grams. 

Refrigerant is processed at a rate of approximately four pounds per minute with repeatability of less than 1%. The menu driven control allows the operator to choose the refrigerant, the desired amount of charge size, and any temperature or pressure variables that may be unique to the users work environment. Password protection for certain fields helps prevent inadvertent or unauthorized changes to parameters. The iTeide’s state of the art touch screen processor can easily add refrigerants, so you can keep up with the latest refrigeration trends and regulations.

Options include:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Printer
  • Choice of connection types (1/4 Hansen, 3/8 Hansen, Schrader, etc)
  • Data Export Capability
  • Alarm / status light column

For units capable of both charging and evacuation in a single cycle, please take a look at the Rockall.  Contact us now to learn more!

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